Incarnation, the Word of God made flesh, is the heart of the Christian gospel. To live in the light of the gospel is, then, to live in the hope and reality of the incarnation and to see it reflected everywhere.

Mankind, made to image God, has the unique capacity to reflect the incarnational gospel in his own creative endeavors. Through art, we make manifest beautiful ideas. Through study, we make comprehensible what was previously vague. Through all creative and communicative projects, we find ourselves acting out incarnation as we mediate and manifest ideas.

Inkarnation Press is an online publication which seeks to share work by artists and thinkers and to provide resources for those who crave beauty, truth, and goodness in the midst of a fallen world. We aim to foster intentional, rational, and creative discussion as we strive to better contemplate and emulate our incarnate Savior.

For information regarding submissions, please visit our “Contact / Submission” page.

For our complete mission statement, see: “An Apology”

Managing Editor: Ryanne J. McLaren (ABookishCharm.com)
Header Art: David Giles (https://fourteendaysband.wordpress.com/)

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