Call for Submissions: Mars-athon 2020-2021


Mars represents an object of perpetual fascination for science-fiction writers. It is the planet within our solar system considered the most likely to also foster life. In this, it is both familiar and other, promising and yet threatening.

Mars is home a to a lone rover, yet its red, rocky landscape is as recognisable to me as the Sonoran desert I call home. Mars is like and unlike our Earth, and this likeness and unlikness is perhaps what has so obsessed writers time and time again. Perhaps Martians would also be both like and unlike us, such authors posit. Perhaps stories of Mars tell us something about ourselves by showing us something other than ourselves. Perhaps imaginative journeys to Mars and beyond at once reveal and conceal something of our own reality, our own world.

Mars-athon is a collaborative online series exploring science-fiction through a theological and interdisciplinary lens. Slated for publication in 2021, Mars-athon will feature art and articles inspired by the theme “Like and Unlike: Theology and Science-Fiction.” Although not every publication will be focused specifically on Mars, the red planet yet symbolises the mind behind the creation of science-fiction: to show what is like yet unlike, familiar and yet futuristic, cataphatic and apophatic. We want to hear your insights on how science-fiction of any medium allows us to journey to galaxies far, far away to better understand our homes, to consider projected futures to better reconstruct our present, and to engage imagined cultures to re-enchant our own.

Selected posts should inspire and challenge readers to wonder, fear, ponder, and wrestle with the concepts and creations that they examine. We want to be drawn into the worlds and adventures of great science-fiction so that, in making a leap of both faith and imagination, we might return to ourselves—and our present planet—with greater courage, deeper wisdom, enlarged perspectives, and brighter horizons.


We are interested in any of the following, provided it is well-crafted and thought-provoking:

  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Personal Essays
  • Academic Articles
  • Visual Art
  • Music

Submissions should be emailed to Please include your name, a brief bio, and a sentence or two describing your submission. Please attach your work as a Word or PDF document. We will happily consider and accept previously-published and self-published work, provided it fits our theme and standards.

With this benediction, we are thrilled to open Mars-athon 2020-2021 for submissions. In the words of Ray Bradbury, let us now “send our rockets forth between our ears.”

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