An Apology

Although Inkarnation Press is a new website and collaboration, it is nothing new conceptually. From the twelve disciples to the Inklings, Christians have always been bound together by the Gospel and kept in fellowship as they studied, worshipped, and created for the Glory of their Lord. As we launch Inkarnation Press into whatever the future may hold for it, we want to make clear our inspiration and intentions.

First of all, we find that:

  1. The modern church is sometimes forgetful of its historic contributions to aesthetics, philosophy, and theology.
  2. The literary market is in need of quality art and articles that express goodness, evoke conversation, and emulate Christ.
  3. This generation is starved for substance, craving resources and fellowship that will inspire true thought and communion.

As a friendship of thinkers, writers, artists, and — above all — Christians, we feel called to satisfy these needs by working together to provide reading lists, artwork, music, and writing (both nonfiction and fiction) to foster thoughtful discernment and discipleship.

Our motto, “Creation, Conviction, Communion” best reflects our reason for founding Inkarnation Press. Created in the Image of God, we desire to reflect Him through creativity, rationality, and community. Convicted by the Gospel of Christ, we desire to share His message through all mediums. Finally, called to Communion, we use our studies to foster cross-shaped connections as we remember those who came before in fellowship with our contemporaries.

We dearly hope that Inkarnation Press will become, as its namesake, a mediator which brings together the best of many authors and artists to support their creativity, share their convictions, and promote thoughtful communion.

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